Training & Lessons

Jill Weink:
Jill Weink began riding at the age of 5 when her family purchased their first “family” horse. From a line of equestrians beginning with her grandfather and mother who rode world wide, compliments of a tour of USAF duty spanning the globe at the close of WWII and the Korean War. Jill grew up in a household where life revolved around everything horse.

Jill Weink
Trainer & Instructor

Her jumping career began at historic Spring Hill Farm in Lake-in-the-Hills, Illinois (now, 38 years later, Sommerset Sport Horses) at the age of seven. She began showing hunters over fences at a very young age with the guidance of the Boyle family and their competent instructional team. Jill is one of many students of that era who developed professional status later in life, most of whom operate successful hunter/jumper enterprises in northern Illinois. She continues these professional relationships buying, selling, and competing with these trainers regularly. This network assists buyers, sellers, and seekers of additional services and information.

Jill has a total-horsemanship philosophy when training the hunter discipline, beginning with horse sense and safety. Jill has extensive knowledge of appropriate human and equine structure and fitness. She brings this knowledge of equestrian athleticism to the ring and encourages horses, riders, and owners to be students and athletes within the sport.

Jill has worked in almost every discipline including hunters, jumpers, saddle seat, western pleasure, driving, dressage, cross country, and just pleasure riding. She brings all of that education to the ring when working with her chosen field of professional work, hunters over fences. This hugely well-rounded background means she “speaks your language.” She understands almost every issue you can describe, providing real-life solutions to your riding and training issues. Jill will think of 100s of ways to communicate concepts and skills to make you a better communicator with your horse. She believes she is responsible for how she is heard, both in riding and instruction.

Jill subscribes to these mottos surrounding her training:

1. Catch people and horses doing things right.
2. Appeal to the nature of a horse.
3. Be frank but polite about where a problem lies and how to fix it.
4. Learn to set up for success but allow for error. Both horse and rider learn best in this environment.
5. When you know enough to no longer need her, she’s done her job. The rest is choice.

Jill invites you to contact her at any time for personal consultation or lessons at 262-470-8146.